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We are a music label that specializes in rap and hip hop.  We are not scouting new talent yet, but next year will present many opportunities.

Young Choppa ThaKid

Jacob Miles Chapa (born November 16th, 1991), better known by his stage name Young Choppa ThaKid, is an American rapper and lyricist.  After beating a case and evading 20 years in prison, Young Choppa decided that he needed to leave the life of crime behind.  After recently fathering three children, Young Choppa decided to take rap seriously as a career, and joined his brother as the rap duo AC MAC & Young Choppa.

In May of 2014, Young Choppa was one of the first members to sign to C4 Entertainment, LLC, a newly founded record label based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Young Choppa hopes that he and his brother AC MAC can start a Midwest rap movement.  While the current crop of popular rappers are talking about fame and fortune, Midwest rap is still very “street” and gritty; it hasn’t been glamorized yet by the “high life”.  Young Choppa’s rap style is a benchmark for the Midwest with gritty lyrics delivered by Young Choppa’s deep, guttural voice.  In December of 2014, AC MAC & Young Choppa released their debut album, Bound to Blow – EP.  The album was designed to showcase the musical range of the rap duo; from hype songs that bang in the club, to serious autobiographies that bang in the car.  “Yeah, me and [AC MAC] were just trying to avoid getting cornered into a specific tone…my stories can be told to any beat.”

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Young Choppa grew up in a low-income neighborhood in Milwaukee.  And like most teens in that area, Young Choppa made his living with robberies and drugs.  His record is filled with the expected crimes of theft and drug possession, but also with more violent crimes like assault, possession of fire arms, and intimidating a witness.  As a result, Young Choppa was no stranger to Juvenile detention centers and prisons, being in and out for months and years at a time until he was 19.  It was at age 19 that Young Choppa was facing 20 years in prison for a felony and multiple other charges.  “I knew that day, if somehow I got out of that court room and didn’t go to prison, I was gonna change my whole act.”  Due to malpractice by the arresting officers, Young Choppa was acquitted of the charges and allowed to go home.  That’s the day Young Choppa decided to stay off the streets, and start focusing his energy on something constructive—rap.

During his time in Juvenile detention centers, Young Choppa began writing rap at age 14.  By age 17 he was making bootleg tracks with some of his close friends; even gathering a fan base with those who heard the music.  Though Young Choppa enjoyed rapping, he never thought it would be a real career.  “…I really liked rapping, and I was good at it—everyone told me I was the s**t—but I knew that no one really makes it in the rap game from Milwaukee.”  It was in 2013, when AC MAC and a few other friends started a Sound Cloud page called Hood Ent, that Young Choppa really started taking rap seriously.  Young Choppa and his group of friends went from talking about rap as a pipe dream, and started really thinking about the logistics of releasing a mixed tape.  The group was picking up some steam and released a few well received tracks through Sound Cloud, when group member Dre was shot and killed in December of 2013. This catastrophe hit the group hard and slowed all momentum. Many of the Hood Ent members moved on, finding it hard to continue the dream without Dre.  AC MAC refused to let the dream die and pushed Young Choppa into starting the record label C4 Entertainment, LLC.  “The best way to honor Dre, is to tell his story.  Tell more people about his life and how he lived…[help] his dream live on after death.”

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