C4 Entertainment, LLC

C4 Entertainment, LLC

Record Label for Rap and Hip Hop

We are a music label that specializes in rap and hip hop.  We are not scouting new talent yet, but next year will present many opportunities.


Underground hip hop Blog Review

“Bound to Blow – EP” is the debut album of rapping duo AC MAC & Young Choppa. The album is designed to showcase the range and talent of these rising stars. From lighthearted party music to heavy stories about life in the streets, the well crafted lyrics are sure to connect with listeners of all backgrounds.

The complementary rap styles of AC MAC and Young Choppa, combine to form a unique sound that you are unlikely to hear anywhere else. The fact that these two rappers are brothers, adds a dynamic element to the music that can only be achieved through a lifetime of shared experiences.

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she bloggin Review

Proud to introduce new listeners to AC MAC & Young Choppa. C4 Entertainment founders and rap duo release their first EP in preparation for their upcoming album release. “Bound To Blow” is hood music through and through. Single “Turn Up” is a club banger, for riding with loyal allies and freely celebrating the moment. Next tracks on the project “Focused” and “No Sleep” introduce Mac & Choppa to their audience and expound on their beginnings and the trials they both face.  Then there’s the cautionary conclusion “Bottles In The Air”. By bottles, Mac & Choppa mean your ladies legs, C4 ENT does not care if she’s your bae or baby. With verses and hooks like this on the FIRST project, it’s guaranteed this duo is “Bound To Blow”. 

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