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We are a music label that specializes in rap and hip hop.  We are not scouting new talent yet, but next year will present many opportunities.

AC MAc & young choppa


AC MAC & Young Choppa is an American rap duo featuring Michael Aaron Chapa (AC MAC) and Jacob Miles Chapa (Young Choppa ThaKid).  After rapping for over a decade and building a fan base around their solo entities, the brothers decided to join together in a rap duo, creating a dynamic element to their music that can only be achieved through a lifetime of shared experiences.  Waiting around for a major label to find them was never an option in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so the two co-founded and signed to the rap label C4 Entertainment, LLC.

AC MAC & Young Choppa released their debut album, Bound to Blow- EP, in December 2014 with the intentions of starting a Midwest rap movement. The duo hopes that they can bring Midwestern rap to the mainstream; defined by an autobiographical, gritty-street style that hasn’t been glamorized by the “high life” like the music of current popular rappers.  Bound to Blow- EP was designed to showcase the musical range of the rap duo—from hype songs that bang in the club, to serious autobiographies that bang in the car.

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Despite the common misconception that Midwestern states like Wisconsin are rural, crime-less, white-dominated farmlands, AC MAC and Young Choppa ThaKid grew up as minorities in the crime-infested city of Milwaukee.  The brothers lived in the low-income neighborhood of Milwaukee’s notorious South Side.  Like most teens in this neighborhood, both rappers found themselves getting caught up in the clandestine activities of the “street life”.  As a result, they were in and out of juvenile detention centers and prisons for months and years at a time.  It was only when Young Choppa ThaKid was facing 20 years in prison for a felony, that the two began reevaluating the course of their lives.  After Young Choppa beat the case, the brothers decided to team up and take rap seriously as a career.

During their time in Juvenile detention centers, AC MAC and Young Choppa ThaKid began writing rap as early as 13 years old.  They both attempted to build fan bases during this time, but their frequent incarceration made it hard to stay on the rap scene. By age 17 Young Choppa ThaKid was making a name for himself by creating bootleg tracks he made with some of his close friends.  AC MAC didn’t really start building a fan base until his early 20’s due to the timing of his final stint in prison. It was in 2010 that the brothers gathered a group of mutual friends and started collaboration on Sound Cloud called Hood Ent.  The group was picking up steam and released a few well received tracks through Sound Cloud, when group member Dre was shot and killed in December of 2013. This catastrophe hit the group hard and slowed all momentum. Many of the Hood Ent members moved on, finding it hard to continue the dream without Dre.  AC MAC and Young Choppa ThaKid refused to let the dream die and started the record label C4 Entertainment, LLC.  They hope that C4 Entertainment, LLC will serve as the primary path for Midwest rappers trying to break into the commercial rap scene.

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