C4 Entertainment, LLC

Record Label for Rap and Hip Hop

We are a music label that specializes in rap and hip hop.  We are not scouting new talent yet, but next year will present many opportunities.


Michael Aaron Chapa (born May 5th, 1990), better known by his stage name AC MAC, is an American rapper and lyricist.  After 12 years of writing rap and hoping that a major label would find him, AC MAC gave up on waiting, and decided to create his own path to commercial fame.  In May of 2014, he co-founded the rap label C4 Entertainment, LLC.

AC MAC released his debut album, Bound to Blow- EP, in December 2014 with the intentions of starting a Midwest rap movement.  His flow serves as the blueprint for the Midwest style, which is autobiographical with a tinge of humor and a measured pace—akin to rappers like J Cole, Logic, and The Game. Though AC MAC knew that his rap talent was competitive enough for mainstream audiences, he also knew that the current big labels were not scouting talent in the Midwest.  So he made his own path to success, with the hopes that C4 Entertainment, LLC would serve as the primary path of Midwest rappers trying to break into the rap scene.  “If the world doesn't give you a path, you gotta make one for yourself…[plus] everyone wants to be their own boss.”

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Despite the common misconception that Midwestern states like Wisconsin are rural, crime-less, white-dominated farmlands, AC MAC grew up as a minority in the crime-infested city of Milwaukee.  AC MAC lived in the low-income neighborhood of the notorious south side of Milwaukee.  Like most teens in his neighborhood, AC MAC found himself getting caught up in the clandestine activities of the “street life”.  He had been in and out of Juvenile detention centers more than 10 times by the age of 16, and then was sentenced to a juvenile prison until he turned 18.

AC MAC started experimenting with writing rhymes therapeutically when he was 13 years old, but he didn't really start building a fan base until his early 20’s.  After he had his first two children, AC MAC realized that a father with no high school degree was going to be a bad role model.  AC MAC wanted to be the type of father he never had, so he got his GED and went to a technical college for a degree in electrical engineering.  While he balanced parenting and schooling, he was also taking rap more seriously.  Though he needed to work as an engineer to feed his growing family, he knew that he couldn't spend his life grinding at a job that he wasn't passionate about.  So he began writing rap prolifically at night, and performing at open mics whenever his busy schedule would allow.  “I wanted to get paid for doing something that I really enjoyed…I [also] wanted to set an example for my kids that they should go after their dreams.”

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