C4 Entertainment, LLC

Record Label for Rap and Hip Hop

We are a music label that specializes in rap and hip hop.  We are not scouting new talent yet, but next year will present many opportunities.

What is C4 Entertainment?

C4 Entertainment, LLC is a privately owned record label founded in May 2014.  It started as a family business, supporting only rappers that were related to the founder; but it has since started support for non-family artists.

The record label specializes in Rap and Hip Hop music, and has a goal of discovering talents in the Midwest.  Currently, most rappers that are popular from the Midwest are from Chicago or Detroit.  But with a rich and distinct culture, the Midwest has plenty of rappers that are waiting to be found in the lesser known cities.  We at C4 ENT believe a Midwest Movement is coming, and we want to be the supporting force that brings the leaders to the top.

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